Royal Crown Collections was created with three words in mind: Confidence, Stylish and Resilient.The purpose of Royal Crown is to promote the excellence of our various hairstyle, protecting that hair, all while looking good doing it! A brand that combines the best in hair care with style and fashion.

Durags and bonnets are two of the most commonly used items to protect and style our various hairstyles. But did you know that head wraps were originally used by African American women slaves to hold their hair in place as they labored? It wasn't until after the Black Power movement in the late 1960's that durags became a trend for both African American men and women.

African American slave women wearing head wraps


Over the years, durags and bonnets have become staple pieces of our culture. From being just used for styling and protection to now becoming a necessary fashion accessory for "wavers" and casual enthusiasts alike. From being worn in the streets to being on top of the heads of some of the biggest celebrities around, durags and bonnets have left their marks in our society.


While attending North Carolina A&T State University, I realized that durags and bonnets represented the pride of our natural hair. It was a symbol of strength and diversity, not one of violence and ill-intent as some of society have made them out to be. These are accessories that connect us to our ancestors who built the very lands we walk upon. Therefore as the kings and queens that we are, never be ashamed to wear your crown- Royal Crown