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Our Mission

Premium Materials

Hand made products using only the highest quality of fabrics. These products feel as good as they look. A true fit for Kings and Queens.

A Personal Feel

Each color was picked and designed with the customer in mind, to bring out the best qualities of the individual. Whether you're in the comfort of your home or running errands, never ashamed and always maintained.

Amazing Results

Our Hair Products are made with all natural ingredients that supply your hair with everything it needs!The silk durags and bonnets retain all shine and moisture from the hair products and keeps your hairstyle in place thanks to the perfect mixture of polyester and satin fibers. Providing amazing results every time.

Happy Customers

Purchasing my Royal Crown bonnet was a huge step for me in trying to take better care of my hair. In being intentional about nurturing my crown, this bonnet has allowed me to maintain moisture in my natural curls and protect the maintenance of my silk press

Ashlei Randolph

When I got to college, i wanted to start having waves. It took a while for them to come in the way I wanted and wearing a durag played a huge part in that process. Royal Crown has helped my hair lay down perfectly while keeping in all the good stuff from my hair products

Naaman Fears

Royal Crown has a different look and feel about it. It does justice to my hair and lays it down the way I want, especially when I'm wolfing. It's truly a brand that's catered to the Kings and Queens

Matthew McRae